picture of fitness center facility

RTF is proud to offer its accessible Fitness Center for its consumers who qualify for this service. We have purchased several pieces of equipment specifically designed for wheelchair users, in addition to other adaptable equipment.


  • Available to consumers who qualify for our core services.
  • Accessible gym equipment offered.
  • General Members are self-monitored.
  • Nominal monthly fee for non-consumers.


The Magnum accessible gym is designed specifically for wheelchair users, allowing them to ‘drive’ right up to the machine. It was created to provide highly adjustable simultaneous use of its 4 different stations. The accessible gym provides a complete upper body resistance workout.

We also feature the Magnum Total Body Cycle. It is also wheelchair accessible, and this machine offers three options for increasing cardiovascular fitness. The users can utilize the pedals like an exercise bike, the handles for upper body, or both simultaneously.

In addition to the featured equipment, the Fitness Center has a wide array of equipment suitable for increasing your ability to complete ‘Activities of Daily Living’. This equipment increases the following fitness areas: range of motion, strength, muscular endurance, balance, and flexibility, which are necessary for independence.

Stop by our office to complete an application and tour the Fitness Center.

22 East 3rd Street
Williamsport PA, 17701

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