Care Intake Process

At Roads To Freedom Home Care, our intake team aims to deliver the highest level of specialized care with a specific focus on each of our individual’s needs to maintain their independent living lifestyle.  We do this with 4 simple steps:


Our highly trained team of care managers will meet you in your home or community to complete the initial assessment for care.  We we will review your Person-Centered Service Plan along with your specific needs and requests to make sure we can accommodate all your care needs.


Attendant Selection

As a consumer you have two options for service delivery of your care; Agency Model or Consumer-Delegated Model of care.  If you choose the Agency Model we will match you with attendants who are not only highly trained specifically for your care but who also may share similar likes, situations or commonalities.  If you choose Consumer-Delegated Model, you will have the option of bringing or choosing your own attendants to Roads To Freedom Home Care to provide your own care.

Scheduling Care

The next step in the process is arranging for your Attendants to provide care for you.  Under the consumer directed model of care we work with you to arrange for your Attendants to meet you where and when you need care to be provided.

In Home Care

Once your Attendants are trained for your specialized needs, they will be ready to provide care in your home and community under the direction of our Registered Nurse and your Person-Centered Service Plan.

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